Family Law encompasses a broad range of issues related to the family such as: marriage, divorce, adoption and numerous types of parent-child relationships. Due to the complexity of family law, it is natural for clients to have many questions.

Divorce is a traumatic process for the entire family but with good counsel and guidance during the process an outcome can be focused on the best needs for the future of all parties involved: parents, children, grandparents, friends, and other family members.

The law office of J. Randall Grimes has been serving the needs of Williamson County, Texas since 1982 in family law issues such as:

Our firm utilizes a private, secure web portal to provide our clients with access to their case documents anytime and anywhere. The web portal offers a two-factor authentication for added security. Mac and Android mobile apps are available as well.

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When children are involved, it is crucial for all parties to strive and protect them. Everyone involved should make every effort to reduce any harmful effects of the conflict encountered during the process.

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